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Bamboo in Danish homes was first seen back in the ‘70s and is for many a reminder of the childhood home and a sweet time. Now we see these natural textures and materials emerging back again in the Danish homes - Not at least for its sustainable qualities.

"At OYOY Living Design the story behind every design is essential. Because of that, the name SPORTA is not random either. The name origins from Latin and means “basket” - this simply describes the series."


The SPORTA series is made of 100% natural bamboo and for a very special reason. Bamboo is well known for being a sustainable material. Bamboo, like other trees, obtains and stores CO2 but bamboo also grows a lot faster than other trees. Because of that bamboo obtains more CO2 and at the same time releases more oxygen - 35% more.

Bamboo is a material no more than twice as hard as the normal Danish woods we typically see in the Danish home, e.g. oak, pine, and beech. Bamboo is for these reasons a very durable material, that well accompanies timeless and classical design.

The unique and elegant details on the SPORTA series consist of natural leather handles and a few styles are also available painted black. All details are very discrete and compliment the stylish design.

Styling/ Maintenance
The SPORTA series consists of functional products, and the possibilities are many. There is not a room in the home where the SPORTA series would not contribute. The series has an eminent ability to blend perfectly into the home and you can with advantage create warmth and personality with these products without dominating the remaining interior design. It is recommended to wipe with a dry cloth and only spot clean when needed.

Tips & Tricks

Use the SPORTA series for storage in all rooms of the home and create a thread of consistency throughout the entire home. Scroll through the gallery and explore 4 incredibly beautiful ways on how to style your home with the SPORTA series.

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