OYOY Living Design A/S expands the group of owners and prepares for growth

Development and new partnership

// In 2012, Designer Lotte Fynboe founded the company OYOY Living Design A/S. The interest in the brand and Lotte Fynboe’s designs has been enormous over the years and, as a natural consequence of the development, Lotte Fynboe entered into a partnership with Søren Anker Hansen per. August 1, 2018. Søren Anker Hansen is co-owner and CEO of OYOY Living Design A/S.

"For some time, I have considered a new corporate constellation for OYOY Living Design A/S.

I want to focus even more on the creative part and the product development in the daily business, and I am therefore pleased that Søren Anker sees the same opportunities in the company as I do, says founder Lotte Fynboe. I welcome him and look forward to our future cooperation ".

As CEO, Søren Anker Hansen is responsible for the day-to-day management - including sales, buying and procurement and the business development. Lotte Fynboe, as creative director, will be overall responsible for all design and product development as well as marketing. Søren Anker Hansen has acquired a share of the company and joins at the same time the board of directors

Søren Anker Hansen comes from a background in the fashion and textile company BESTSELLER A/S, where he has worked in several positions within wholesale and retail for the last 14 years. Most recently, and most of the years, Søren Anker Hansen has worked for the subsidiary BESTSELLER Retail Europe A/S, where he in leading roles has been involved in the retail business, the expansion and the overall management of ONLY and VERO MODA stores in Europe Most recently, Søren Anker Hansen has been at the forefront of the company's ambitious growth plans in the central European markets Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg for ONLY STORES.

"After several years of good results, I see great opportunities and an enormous development potential in OYOY Living Design A/S, and I look forward to giving my contribution to the company," says Søren Anker Hansen. I am impressed by the level achieved since the foundation for almost 7 years ago and the strong results, Lotte and the dedicated and talented employees have been able to show. I am also proud that Lotte sees the right person in me, and I look forward to working with Lotte, the employees and, in particular, OYOY Living Design A/S customers, suppliers and business partners".

Future Development of OYOY Living Design // Future focus will be on developing existing markets primarily in Europe and finding even better footing with the many loyal customers who already cooperate with OYOY Living Design A/S. Through a strong network of agents in selected countries and a strengthened sales organization, both OYOY LIVING and the OYOY MINI - the company's design line for children and children's rooms - will find their way to more shops and online platforms. Furthermore, there is a great deal of interest from several new markets, especially outside Europe, and the potential future cooperation is treated with great humility and a tremendous excitement. Last but not least, there will be an ongoing investment in strengthening the product range. Starting up new design lines can also be a future option.

Lotte Fynboe and Søren Anker Hansen comment:

"As an example, we are very pleased with how the design line for children OYOY MINI has been received by customers and end consumers. It gives great motivation to develop OYOY MINI even more, and here we have many exciting ideas to work on. In parallel, we are constantly seeing a great potential in OYOY LIVING. We are greatfull for the growing interest and it proves us that our Scandinavian anchored design tradition is wanted in many parts of the world. Here we work with interesting new opportunities to strengthen OYOY Living Design's position for the benefit of customers and end consumers.”

About OYOY Living Design A/S // OYOY Living Design A/S is a design and lifestyle business that has seen significant growth since the start-up in 2012. The products are currently sold to over 1,000 customers in 30 markets through design and lifestyle stores and online platforms, and focus is design products for the home as well as designs for children and the children's rooms. OYOY Living Design is dedicated to the Scandinavian design tradition, which is interpret with love to both classic and new interpretations of fine memories of our childhood. Read more about OYOY Living Design A/S here

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