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Kotai Table - Large

Kotai Table - Large

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The Kotai Dining Table is made of solid, white-pigmented oak that is true to the Nordic decor. The dining table is a beautiful piece of furniture in the room. It is suitable for 8-10 people.

The design is simple, timeless and fits into all types of homes.

The small details are beautiful. The legs of the table are 'seen' up through the table top, just as the table top is assembled in a way that gives it a plank effect.

The table's design is long lasting and it can be 'inherited' due to the simple, stylish design and the good materials.

The Kotai Dining Table is manufactured in Europe and comes flatpacked.

To achieve a long life of your wooden furniture, we recommend that you maintain the wooden furniture with follow-up treatments.

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Dimensions: H16 x L228 x W100 cm

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